Museum Association 

German-Polish association of gerhart Hauptmann museums 

The Gerhart Hauptmann museum network unites and coordinates activities for four Hauptmann museums from Germany and Poland:
The Gerhart Hauptmann museum in Erkner (Brandenburg), The Gerhart Hauptmann house in Kloster on Hiddensee (Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania), The civic museum „The Gerhart Hauptmann house“ in Agenetendorf close to Hirschberg (Jelenia Góra – Jagniatków), and The Carl and Gerhart Hauptmann house in Schreiberhau (Szklarska Poreba).

The museum network was created by two clubs, one German and one Polish. The club for the promotion of the Gerhart Hauptmann houses registered association located in Erkner, and the Stwowarzyszenie na Rzecz Popierania Domów Gerharta Haupmtanna, located in Agnetendorf, signed a collaboration agreement in 2003. It’s arguably the first time after the Second World War, where the cultural relationship between Germany and Poland is concerned, that museums have worked together to carry out common goals. We see this as a one-time chance to rediscover the life and work of Gerhart Hauptmann and put it into a new context.

We have already achieved quite a bit: The preparation of a basic structure for combined projects, the planning of concrete projects for 2006, such as the literary tour of all four museums and places in Germany and Poland, and the development of a corporate logo and an online-presence.

Much lies ahead of us: the redesigning of the permanent exhibitions in Agnetendorf and Erkner, the preparation of the international Hauptmann conference in Erkner from June 23rd – 25th 2006, the development and implementation of a combined nationwide tourism concept, and the planning of activities from 2007 on. Many ideas are under discussion!

One thing we have learned quickly: Together we are stronger!

Our promoters:

Brandenburg and the European Union, The Commissioner of the Federal Government for Culture and Media, Saxony, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, the town of Erkner and the EWETEL foundation.


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