The Carl and Gerhart Hauptmann museum collects exhibits from the literary work of the Hauptmann’s and the artist colony in Schreiberhau. The collection holds items from before and after 1945. The most meaningful exhibits are the bibliophilic editions, among them 15 books by Carl Hauptmann which include handwritten comments, the graphic art of Hauptmann’s sonnets by Johannes Avenarius, the first Polish edition of “Die Weber” (“The Weavers”) from 1898 and 5 portraits of Gerhart Hauptmann by Emil Orlik (lithographs).
From the time it began, the museum has been collecting landscape paintings of the Giant Mountains, mostly by members of the historical artist colony St. Lukas in Ober-Schreiberhau, but also by artists from after 1945, such as Wlastimil Hofman and Tadeusz Nodzynski, as well as contemporary painters and illustrators who live and work in the Giant Mountains today.