Permanent Exhibition  


Today at the Carl and Gerhart Hauptmann House in Schreiberhau, one can visit a permanent exhibition dedicated to the Mountain Ghost “Rübezahl”. There are historical and contemporary plastic art exhibits of this legendary creature. Special focus has been given to the oldest graphical illustration of Rübezahl, a map by Martin Ludwig from 1561.
In another permanent exhibition, the historical and contemporary artist colonies are presented with special emphasis on the Carl and Gerhart Hauptmann brothers, the former inhabitants of the house.  Works by Gerhart Hauptmann are showcased, among these, a Polish edition of “Die Weber” (“The Weavers”) from 1898, a drama written in Schreiberhau.

Another part of the exhibition is the historical glass exhibit from the famous glass factories that surround the area, a collection of paintings by Vlastimil Hoffman, as well as various works of art by contemporary authors. Outside, near the building, is Carl Hauptmann’s grave, designed by Hans Pölzig in 1925.